You’re Not A Greedy Pig

Like i said, Ive been fat for 20 years and I know all to well about the negative psychology that comes with being fat.

One of the things fat people use to build the energy of self hate is the concept that they have a character flaw.

Why cant i stop over eating? Why am I the only fat bitch in the room. Why this… why dat… I ate entire freakin pie oh my god i must be a sick. Yes I do have an eating disorder. I need help because I am not normal..I am emotionally and psychologically crippled…skinny bitches are better than me…

that’s the kind of stuff that fat people tend to think quietly to themselves.

But guess what, you are missing an element in the equation of your self hate and therefore the conclusion you have about yourself is wrong.

Here is the missing part of the equation:

If you live in the United States of America then your compulsion to over eat is something that has been deliberately cultivated in you by Food companies.


Did you read, The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite
By Dr David Kessler?

If you didn’t then you don’t know a lot about how your obesity has developed.

American people weren’t always fat. The obesity epidemic that we currently face started in the 80’s.

Your not a greedy pig that has completely gone out of control.

Instead your perception about foods and eating is askew because you don’t have the right data and therefore all subsequent thoughts about you being fat and losing weight is inaccurate and inaccurate thinking has taken away your power to really lose weight.

You have not identified the main cause of your obesity.

If you knew that the people who are responsible for giving you access to food has studied the way your is brain wired and that they also know how to transform you into binge eating Cookie Monster that cant stop eating then you can forgive yourself and begin to heal.

If you read this book then you will ultimately know how to develop the right self talk when you go on a weight loss plan.

We don’t know the entire truth about our obesity and that’s why we don’t know how to fight. If you don’t know everything about your enemy then how will you know how to kick his ass?

You are not supposed to be so hard on yourself because when you are hard on yourself then you will be more susceptible to viewing foods as some type of pleasure reward.

You are big but Its not your fault…and Its time to love yourself again.

The greed of the Food Corps is the biggest enemy because they have been cultivating the art of obesity in America for about 30 years and they know every cue and every trigger to pull that will make you want to eat.

There is a reason why they flood the market with highly processed food that are loaded with sugar, fat and salt and the reason is money.

The right combo of sugar, fat and salt will rewire your brain to binge eat!!!! They know this and that why they sell it!

Dr Kessler basically said that they are so good at what they do when it comes to making you want to over eat that he is actually surprised only 55% of Americans are overweight.

You got to read this book. This book will change a lot of the negative perceptions that you have about yourself and a mind change is the biggest weapon when it comes to fight obesity.

Stay tuned for more info from inside Dr Kesslers book

You’re not a greedy pig, you are just a normal human being that because of circumstance fell prey to the food stimuli, the brain rewiring and triggers that food corps use to sell food, make money and get you fat.

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