Why Bother? & So What? We All Going To Die Anyway.

I know that I am very passionate about the obesity subject and I am always expressing how mad I am at the food culture in America and how much I hate the griminess of the FDA but I was playing devils advocate today with myself..YEAH!!!

And I was talking to myself out loud… in the street..wondering why?

Why I am I making such a big deal? Is being fat such a crime?

Everybody got to be skinny? What? Is it about being perfect?
So what…so what to the fact that we like eating McDonalds and we like drinking soda.

We all gone die…so…so what?

Well I got the answer and it has to do with finally becoming happy.

Let me ask you something…if you was dumb all your life like me…and you made a lot of mistakes like me and those mistakes took away your chances at feeling truly happy because it caused pain and then at around the age of 35-40 years old, you finally just began to know who you are, you finally learned how to manuevr yourself in this world and you finally started learning how to get happiness out of life and then in the middle of all of that you die — wouldn’t that be fucked up?

We need longevity and God intended for us to have longevity because he knows that life is hard.

Let me ask you something.

Are you where you want to be? Did you fulfill any of your big dreams? Are you in love right now? Are you confident? Do you trust your friends like they are some ride or die muthafukas? or are they talking about you behind your back?

How happy are you? Did you reach your potential yet? You need time to reach your potential right? because its hard work right?


But if you a fat, sick muthafuka then guess what? your time gaawn soon run out.

do you think thats what God wanted?

God expected you to live long but the people who sell all those processed foods…they dont give a fuck.

They are the ones who are taking away your time and taking away your ability to finally learning what it really takes to be happy.

So what you talking bout?

They are not supposed to get away with getting people addicted to foods that kill. They are not supposed to get away with creating foods that rewire your brain so that the built in wisdom of your body is usurped.

Naw that wrong…who are they to take away our chances of living our greatest life?

Obama should tax… dem…and use some of that money to fix the debt ceiling.

Tell me what you think about this one.

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