What’s Going On With KissyC As of June 29th 2011

I know I talk a lot of shit about losing weight and being healthy but what’s going on with me?

That is the real question.

Alright…I ‘ll tell ya

I am getting systematic with my shit. Going to work, preparing my meals for the next day, exercise and blogging is all starting to come together in my life and I feel proud of myself.

Before it used to be more of a struggle to do all these things, I couldn’t stand preparing my meals. Exercise was like a real big deal, blogging was like WHOA but now I just do it and I like it.

What I do and what I want out of life is starting to become a lifestyle and I am seeing more the possibilities of my growth as a blogger and an online entrepreneur.

My relationship with food has drastically improved.

I have stopped counting calories ..I just watch dem.

I eat what I want and I no longer put a restriction on what I eat but I strive to eat a lot of good whole foods.

I have recently made a re-commitment to eat every 3 hours because that eating style make me feel the best and body loses weight when I eat that way.

So you can day bottom line that I have developed healthy principles of eating and living that I am proud of and I expect to lose a significant amount of weight in July at least 10 pounds so lets see how that goes.

I will keep you updated.

Here is what I ate today.

I eat approx. every 3 hours, 5 meals a day and because of my weight and height (295lbs and 5’10) I am supposed to consume about 2300 calories a day!!! To lose weight. I am about 40 Weight Watchers points

Meal #1

• 2 eggs fried in olive oil and lil bit of Smart Balance butter
• 1 small whole grain tortilla
• ½ boiled potatoe
• 1 cup black coffee with Splenda

Meal #2
• 1 Probiotic yogurt
• 1 mixed fruit cup that you buy in grocery store prepacked
• 1 serving of pistachio nuts about 50 of them

• 1/3 cup homemade chicken salad
• ½ McDouble about 3 bites
• 10 Ritz crackers
• 2 sips of Pineapple Mango real fruit drink from McDonalds

• Leftover meatloaf
• Brown rice
• About 400-500 calories worth of food

Meal #5
• Romaine lettuce
• 1 slice of bread
• 2 TB of homemade chicken salad
• 2 string cheese
• 5 Ritz crackers
• 2 pieces of dark chocolate
• 1 cup of green tea with Splenda

I also drank a lot of water during the day and the chicken salad was bulked up with a lot of onion and garlic that was chopped up in my mini food processor . I eat fat too and I am not scared to do it.

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