The Stinkin Truth About HFCS & #1 Reason Why Black Women Should Stop Eating The Crap

You know how wicked the system can be right?

Now guess what?

The powers at be are trying to make it seem as though high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is something good.

Those stinking dogs are using propaganda and half truth to make a claims that HFCS is the same as natural sugar and get this they are even!!!trying to get permission from the FDA to legally change the name of high fructose corn syrup to corn sugar so that people are completely fooled about what it really is!!!

The gaul…that these people have is totally unreal…and they are very convincing too.

The claims that “they” are making abour HFCS being good seems to have scientific validity but…some basic truths are missing from their claims so therefore logic dictates that their entire claims has to be deemed false.

The fructose found in HFCS is not the same thing as the fructose you get in natural fresh fruits.

HFCS is an artificial invention.

Yes they do start out by using natural corn in the beginning of the HFCS making process but then they go HAM with the evil genius scientific techniques.

Because the thing we know as HFCS goes through about a zillion chemical enzyme reactions and then whats left is a dangerous man made invention that the FDA has sanctioned to be used in our foods.

HFCS is so bad that some scientists think that HFCS is the thing giving our kids ADHD.

Cha ching! More drugs being prescribed.

HFCS is the devils food and Guess what else?

HFCS is one of the main ingredients that will make you have a fat stomach.

HFCS is the main cause of a disease called metabolic syndrome.

HFCS is sweet and easy to use in processed foods with but long term use is not good for your body.

Here are some clear reasons showing why corn syrup is bad.

Research has shown that “high-fructose corn syrup” goes directly to the liver, releasing enzymes that instruct the body to then store fat!

Research has shown that HFCS may elevate triglyceride (fat in blood) levels and elevate cholesterol levels.

Research has shown that HFCS causes fatty liver disease and metabolic syndrome

Research done at the University of California Davis report in the Journal of Clinical Investigation that consuming too much fructose can actually put you at greater risk of developing heart disease and diabetes

Not only that but…

Your brain does not metabolize HFCS and therefore it wont be able to tell you when you are full.

The except below explains…

One of the main concerns about excess sugar in general, and specifically HFCS, is the impact on weight gain.

Normally, our appetite is governed by a finely tuned hormonal system that drives us to eat just enough to meet our metabolic needs.

Ghrelin, secreted by the stomach, tells us we are hungry, while leptin signals our brain to tell us we are full.

The problem is that when HFCS is consumed, it does not shut off ghrelin, so we continue to feel hungry.

In addition, the leptin signal is not triggered, so we don’t feel full.

This drives overeating and contributes to obesity.

The excessive consumption of HFCS may be a main contributor to the incidence of diabetes in the US.


Now do you see? You wanna lose weight? then the facts are clear…HFCS is a NO NO.

Its going to be very hard to stop eating processed foods but you will have to if you want to be sexy like you were meant to be.


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