Sundays Consumption ala Kcutie Style

I got up around..hmmm i forget umm around 7ish and then around 730 ish I had 50 calories worth of all natural coconut water…yumm..i live healthy yall…

then I stretched my body…and then after that

then went the internet to do a prowl but …I didnt find anything good so then decided to eat which was around 8am.

Breakfast was a quickie

because I didnt have much food because I didnt go grocery shopping yet…:(

So with the meager pickins I had to choose from I concocted a sandwich.

I had 3 slices of Ezkiel toast
2 ounces of aged cheddar cheese
2 TB of coconut oil mixed with a dash of salt
1 cup of Lipton tea mixed with Splenda and Almond milk

around 11ish
I had a big bowl of Spring Mix lettuce
with a homemade cashew/nutritional yeast mix salad dressing

I went to the laundry but it was too crowded so i had to call Bagga to come pick me up and drop me to another spot.

While I was waiting I ate 2 50cent bags of popcorn because I wanted something to munch on

around 3ish
I had half red snapper no head eaten
cabbage/mixed veggies steamed down
small piece of boiled corn
2 pieces of fried plantain

I came back home

I puttered around and ate a handful of macadamia nuts

then around 630 ish I decided to take my arse to get some groceries…so I grabbed my shopping cart headed toward the bus and jumped on…

after I finished shopping which was around 8ish

I began to munch again…and i had the following

fava bean snack
whole wheat/sesame pretzel stick about 200 calories
2 blocks sugar free dark chocolate 54% cocoa
a tad bit of organic almond butter to go with my chocolate

I usually eat a lil more healthy than this but sometimes I like to take the easy route lol

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