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Confessions of a wanna be health enthusiast..Today was ehh!

6May13 • 0 comments
I am not trying to make excuses but sometimes the food prep process becomes a daunting task that I want
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Sundays Consumption ala Kcutie Style

6May13 • 0 comments
I got up around..hmmm i forget umm around 7ish and then around 730 ish I had 50 calories worth of
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And my Saturday menu looked like

5May13 • 0 comments
Umm this post is a day late…but nobody is reading this so who cares.. So I went to the gym
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Menu for the day and Exercise yeah!

3May13 • 0 comments
Iam back..yack! Oh Kissy I really missed you…muah muah muah…I am sorry I neglected you…lol I used to track my
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Be Happy and Love Yourself Is The New Motto

16Apr13 • 0 comments
How to be happy Learn how to love yourself Ways to be happy Learning to love yourself live a good
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More Proof That You Cannot Trust Them

16Aug11 • 0 comments
I know you guys miss my crazy side and I will change up the topics & my delivery style soon
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I Think Black People Are Very Handicapped

9Aug11 • 0 comments
You wanna know why I blog. I think its my job to put out ideas that will help Black people
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A Little Reminder From KissyC About The Purpose Of Life While Living In America

7Aug11 • 0 comments
I know that is easy to forget what life is really about because nobody seems to care about God anymore.
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Is Fat Going To Become The New Black?

6Aug11 • 0 comments
Plus sized beauty is on the rise. Big girls are starting to be on a lot of magazine covers and
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Discover The Real Reason Why You Don’t Feel Full After Eating Chinese Food

4Aug11 • 0 comments
You know what they say about the Chinese Food right? People say that when they eat Chinese food that they