Photo Food Journal 5_31_11

Breakfast 8AM:2 cups Total cereal =200 cal, 2 cups Silk Soymilk=180 cal, 1TB Chia seed (Like Flax) 60 cal 1 cup blueberries=80 cal
Total breakfast calories=520

NOTE: The sugar in the Total at that amount made me feel a little bit funny in my belly area signaling to me that its has too much sugar in it for my body its not a low glycemic food and I will not consume this cereal at the 2 cup level again. Next time I will mix it with raw oatmeal but right now I don’t have any so…maybe i will eat an egg sandwich tomorrow

Many breakfast cereals have a high glycemic index. Cheerios, Corn Flakes, Raisin Bran, Rice Chex and Total cereals all have a glycemic index above 70. anything 70 or above is considered to be high glycemic food and not good for people to eat if they want to lose belly fat

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Meal #2 about 3 hours later: 1 Probiotic LaYogurt Peach=150 cal, 1 cup of cherries with pits = 80 cal and 15 almonds = 104 cal,
total calories = 334

Meal #3 about 3 hours later: homemade Smoothie made from 1 cup organic oj= 110 cal, 1 cup of blackberries=70cal, 1 scoop whey protein= 90 cal & 2 persian cucumbers 36 cal
total calories 306

Note: i was scheduled to eat organic Kashishi multi whole grain cookie at this time but i just wasn’t hungry enough, i was suppose to eat the cucumbers with meal #4 but i changed my mind


about 3 hours later: i ate a turkey sandwhich made with 2 slices ww bread @130 cal, 1 TB fat free mayo @ 15 cal, 1 snack size 2% Cracker Barrell Cheese @ 70 cal, 6 slices Hillshire turkey ultra thin slices @ 60 cal and drank 1 cup of oj @110 cal
Total calories= 385

Meal #5 Dinner I ate Romain Lettuce 2 cups @30 cal, 1/2 tin tuna fish in water @ 70 cal, 2 TB of olive oil @240 cal, 1 small tomato @ approx 27 cal and dried cranberries @ about 60 cal
total calories 427

TOTAL CAL OF THE DAY 1972 CALORIES perfect amount for someone my height age and weight

My last meal was about 900 pm i will go to bed around midnight because I am blogging,,,yeah i know…i need more greens in my diet.

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