OMG!!! When Will The Bad News Ever Stop!!Now They Say Flavor Seasonings Like Adobo, Accent and Sazon Can Get You Fat.

Lord Jesus..please help.

You know…The more I dig for information about losing weight is the more that I become shocked by what I learn.

Today I found an article online that was talking about MSG and basically they were reporting that using MSG in food will get you fat!

You know what MSG is right?

You know its the salts that Chinese people like to lace their foods with.

Scientist are not exactly sure on how MSG gets people fat but they have been studying the effects of MSG on the body for many years and one thing they can say is that MSG is definitely linked with getting fat.

Why MSG and weight gain may be linked isn’t clear, He added, but it may have something to do with the hormone leptin, which regulates appetite and metabolism. He’s group found that people who consumed more MSG produced more leptin. “MSG consumption may cause leptin resistance,” He said, so that the body cannot properly process the energy it receives from food. That, He added, could explain why people who ate more MSG gained weight regardless of how many calories they consumed.

The bottom line is that when you are trying to lose weight …you gotta go natural.

Forget about corn syrup and fake foods with MSG additives and bullshit because it seems as though body just cant handle dem for too long.

You gotta eat like you live on a farm or if you live in Caribbean some where.

According to the article there are some scientist don’t believe fully in the whole MSG getting you fat thing but don’t listen to them.

I know its true because I am a free thinker and I know how to link ideas together. Think about it.

We live in a corn syrup nation and corn syrup fucks with our liver metabolism. BIG TIME.

The liver is like a sponge responsible for getting rid of toxins in our body.

If your liver is too busy metabolizing corn syrup and storing fat..and you eat MSG …then your liver will be like damn…what the fuck you doing?

Then you liver will say…fuck it and then he will just store all that MSG as fat and say I will deal with you later.

You gotta remember that MSG is a toxin just like Corn syrup is a toxin and that’s why they all make you fat! because your liver has to metabolize it instead of your cells.

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  1. […] food is made with a lot of sweet high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) based sauces, MSG and most of the carbs like the white rice, the noodles and the fried whateva dont have fiber in […]

  2. Dana says:

    I agree with what you say but Kissy The Cutie sure has a potty mouth! Glad my kid didn’t read this article “cutie”

  3. im so sorry…you are right..i wish i could go back and erase all that cussing i did in all my articles..i was trying to be extreme in order to be different but cussing is not the answer…but what can i say…i ll tone it down…

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