My BIG Secret On How To Feel Happy While Fat..I am Talkin How To Feel Good About Being You Even When You Don’t Like The Way You Look

I know that it can suck being too fat but I have adopted a new way of thinking as a plus sized woman and it working extremely well at making me feel good about myself.

You probably already heard me say this before and I will say it again because it’s really true.

If you want to feel happy like every single day of your life then just let go of all the thoughts and perceptions you have about yourself and your life that makes you feel bad.

You will have to learn how to outsmart your own negative thinking.

When you start to think negative about yourself then almost like pressing a button make it go ByeBye!

The feeling of happiness that you want out of life is a mind thing. And…

Your happiness and how much you have of it has nothing to do with your weight.

I know that sounds like bullshit but let me explain.

You see that feeling we call Happiness it can only be felt when certain chemicals in your brain are activated and you can activate those chemicals in many ways including the way you think!

Therefore, if you choose to think things that will make you feel happy then your brain will light up like a Christmas tree and you will be a happy woman and when it comes to this process, it doesn’t matter how much you weigh on the scale because if you activate certain chemicals in your brain then the feel happy process will always occur.

I can give you a tip on how to activate thought patterns that will make you feel happy even if you currently feel bad about yourself for being fat.

Check this out…

If you can put a spiritual meaning to define your struggles with obesity then you will have a strong enough foundation to craft thoughts that will make you feel happy about being you.

If you find a way to equate your fatness to a higher purpose then that principle idea will trigger off a series of other thoughts and ideas that will make you feel good about yourself.

What do I mean when I say

put a spiritual meaning to your obesity?

I mean create a story about yourself that you can believe that makes your fatness a special thing!

Tell yourself something like you being fat was a challenge that God gave you to deal with because he wanted you to unlock your inner awesomeness in a very particular way so that you can help the world be a better place when it comes to obesity.

And then use that idea to protect yourself from your own negative thinking.

Every time a negative emotions pop into your head about your fatness, reverse it by relating the pain you feel to the story of who you are when it comes to your obesity and how the pain is part of a bigger lesson to reveal the awesome person that you are.

If you put a spiritual meaning to your problem with obesity then you will develop thought patterns about yourself that are positive.

If you learn how to adapt your thoughts so that the end conclusion of your thought patters puts you in a place that makes you feel good about who you are then you become a happy woman even though you are fat and even though you are the process of trying to lose weight.

Why do you think I call myself KissyC?

I made myself into a superhero. KissytheCutie is hero who is actively fighting against obesity and negative self image.

Me being KissytheCutie makes every thing about my fatness good because my fatness is now directly linked to God and a humane higher purpose in my life.

Now do you see the power that a perception and a belief can have?

Because of my belief I wrote this article for you and I brought you an inch closer to finding your God.

It is because I am fat that I serve my God so in essence being fat has saved my life.

So I implore you to link your struggles to obesity to a spiritual purpose.

My suggestion for doing so is that you Think of yourself as a super hero where the pressure of your obesity had to be applied so that your inner special gifts can be released.

After you do your thinking I want to know, what kind of super hero are you and how are you gonna use your special powers to help people win the war against being fat?

Now do you get it? You can use your obesity define your true purpose . You can use your obesity to become a warrior for humanity and Justice. Now Doesn’t that make you special?

Alright! I proved my case.

If you change the way you think and you will feel better about who you are and you can even use the fact that you are fat to make yourself feel good.

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