More Proof That You Cannot Trust Them

I know you guys miss my crazy side and I will change up the topics & my delivery style soon but before I do I gotta tell you about this one.

If you have been reading my blog then you know that There is no doubt that High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is bad. It is directly linked to metabolic syndrome and obesity.

Without me putting any more links you should already know that There are tons and tons of scientific data to prove that HFCS is no good.

Medical journals have written reports about the research that was done on HFCS. Dietitians and MDs have come out into the media speaking about the evils of HFCS on the body. And if you search the web, you find countless articles that discuss the unhealthy nature of HFCS.

The bottom line is…HFCS is no freakin good because it’s in everything and we eat too much of it. I’ve been eating HFCS for about 35 years…and thats why I have a big belly.

Do you agree with what I just said? HFCS aint no good…right? Ok

Now look at this…

Prevention magazine …those scum bags who are supposed to be in the business of spreading ideas to women about health wrote an article telling their readers that there nothing wrong with HFCS!


They wrote an article entitled:

High Fructose Corn Syrup
An ad campaign attempts to give this sweetener a makeover. We have the full story.

And what they did was they skillfully defended HFCS in slick kinda way. They gave a little bit of the bad then they defended the bad by saying well..yadaada, we cant conclusively say its bad.

Read some of what they said:

In the grand tradition of nutritional scapegoating, high fructose corn syrup has stepped into the spotlight as diet enemy number one. It’s an easy target.

But not everyone is convinced. Last June, the Corn Refiners Association launched an ad campaign telling the other side of the story–namely, that high fructose corn syrup is “made from corn [and] has the same calories as sugar.”

The mixed messages have left consumers looking for answers. Prevention investigated–and found little conclusive evidence to confirm the anti-high fructose corn syrup crusade.

They investigated HFCS and found little evidence about it being bad!!! R U Effing kidding me!!!

The science about the ills of HFCS have already been identified and defined by scientists that specialize in endocrinology and you can find out about what the science is by watching the video below:


HFCS aint no good …please…and it worst than sugar.

Prevention go F ya self because you a lie.

You are actually telling women that HFCS is ok in the face of a national obesity epidemic but you are a womens health magazine…REALLY!

If you own a women’s health magazine then you should make a firm stand so that people can follow your direction. Dont be fake. Dont send mixed messages and then have the audacity to blame others in the industry for sending mixed messages.

Prevention magazine you disgust me…HFCS is good…you should burn in hell for saying that!!! You greedy and wicked people.

Now do understand why I am so radical?

I gotta be because if I don’t be this way then too much of my people will be fooled because scumbags like Prevention magazine and many other people in the industry of “health” cannot be trusted because they like to spread lies in the media in order to protect their money.

Health and food ideas are not supposed to be primary attached to making profit…MY GOD but it is.

Most people in the business of health don’t really give a shit about you . They just go into health business because the health business is a very profitable money making thing.

Its sad but the bottom is the bottom line.

The owners and writers of Prevention magazine are very educated and if an average person like me knows that HFCS aint no good then I know that they know it aint no good too.

But they will tell you lies because they don’t care about you but I think that when it comes to health ideas especially during epidemic times that the truth should come above the profit

Prevention magazine is in the business of promoting their 400 calorie meal plans and those meal plans are filled with recipes that require the use of a whole bunch of different types of processed diet foods.

Also Prevention makes money by selling advertising space from people who sell foods like “diet ice cream” and frozen diet meals and diet cookies and stuff that have HFCS in it, so they can’t say that HFCS is bad even though that’s the truth because if they say its bad then they will be hurting their own business and they cant do that.

So this is the proof. You cannot trust them.

A lot of health businesses in America will lie like dogs to protect their way of making money and FDA will back them up.

That means that you you gotta get radical. You gotta become a very educated consumer when it comes to buying foods and approaching your health regimen and reading ideas about health.

My advice is to use Google as much as you can.

Read more, follow the links that you see on blogs and use your common sense because if sit back and think that the people in better position will do better to help inform you then you are making a big mistake.

Natural News has one of the best health websites on the entire web it is way better than mine. You should be Reading blogs like that whenever you get a chance and then whenever you have questions about what you read, ask a health professional. but when you ask questions be very specific…their response to your specific questions, will help you to determine if they know what they are talking about.

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