Menu for the day and Exercise yeah!

Iam back..yack!

Oh Kissy I really missed you…muah muah muah…I am sorry I neglected you…lol

I used to track my calories on MyFitnessPal but now that I make some much homemade stuff and now that I eat lots of veggies and stuff…counting calories has started to become a real pain in the butt…there is just too much detail in counting homemade stuff …so… for the last 2 weeks I have neglected the whole process of calorie counting but now starting to I feel pain because I am not logging my calories …so… I got to do something and therefore…I have decided to log the stuff that I eat and I will also log the exercise that I do..yippe!

So my blog is has risen from the dead…Im back baby

Today after I got out of bed

I did 25 min cardio on the treadmill and I burned 330 calories, after I did my cardio..I did John Basedows 45 min Fat buring video.

When I came home, I was hungry like an animal and I went in on the breakfast.

Around 8am
I had 4 ounces of chicken breast
2 slices Ezekiel bread
2 tb of homemade blueberry jam
a cup of tea with Splenda
2 TB of homemade cashew sauce mixed with Watkins Jerk seasoning for dip
2 TB of coconut oil mixed with salt used to butter my bread

around 11
I had an apple

around 2
I ate 2 beef patties–yeah i know not the best but in Fridays I like to give myself a treat

around 6
I ate some store brought kale chips and seaweed crunchies

I drank water
I drank diet pepsi too

Its 11 something now andIm not hungry..yet..
oh and I took bus and walked thru out the day to go see my patients

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