KCuties Super Fantastic Motivational Tip of The Day: How To Stop Hating The Way You Look In The Mirror

If you hate what you see in the mirror then I know that you are in pain and I want to help you so you know what that means?

I got to remind you about G.O.D.

Don’t get annoyed with me because I talk about God a lot. I am not a religious person. I don’t go around saying things like I am “saved”.

The God I am talking about is the same God that Mary Mary sings about in their song.

I am talking about that inner awesome inside of you that you got to rely on if you want to live a positive and happy life.

If you hate the way you look in the mirror then you are giving power to the devil (negative energy).

Here is what you are doing when you hate yourself for the way you look. You are saying that there is no hope for you.

You are putting the power of your image over the power of your God. You are breaking the first commandment.

I know that it can be very painful to look in the mirror and see something that you don’t like but you got to fight for your life because rebels are the people who make change in the world and you got to remember that you will lose the weight if you stick with the process.

You gotta remember that you must rely heavily on the power within you to make sure that the weight loss you wants really happens for you and therefore you can’t let your unattractive image distract you.

Self hate will always distract you from your goals for change.

Don’t be so caught up in image -stop being a wannabe instead be caught up in your God because guess what?

Skinny girls who don’t know their God feel pain just like you. If you dont know God and you lose weight you will still feel sad and low…you wont escape.

Kelly Rowland
is a perfect example of that. Shes slim and yet she hated the way she looked for very long time.

No one shall escape the process of finding GOD no matter how good you look….you still got to do this.

The goal of life for everybody who wants true happiness is getting to know their God (inner awesome) so that its power can work to give you what you want out of life.

People struggle to find that out…that’s why they say… “I am going to Europe to find myself”.

So if you look at it that way then you should be happy that you are fat because your unattractive image is the thing that is making you seek the God in you.

You are a lucky beeyotch.

Because whenever you awaken the God in you…and you can understand it the it’s a wrap !!! Nothing will be able to keep you back because all those things that used to bother wont have power over your psyche and emotions any anymore and life will become sweet …like heaven on earth ….and this is guaranteed to happen for you …if you seek God no matter how big you are.

So don’t be too scared and upset over your unattractive image in the mirror instead think of it as a blessing because it is bringing you closer to the power within and that is a very precious thing…it is something more valuable diamonds and pearls and those vain, shallow and empty skinny that you envy don’t have that and they will soon end up in misery and hell.

Plus you will lose that weight…just keep reading my shit…and doing what you need to do.


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