Is Fat Going To Become The New Black?

Plus sized beauty is on the rise.

Big girls are starting to be on a lot of magazine covers and I cant believe it…even the fashion god known as Vogue had 3 “big” girls on their magazine cover just the other day.

The editors at V magazine are making a big push to demo the beauty of larger sized women to the American public.

So Like I said, Plus sized beauty is on the rise and eventually like everything else…the fever will take root in Black world.

Now I want to ask you something…do you think is it a coincidence that both obesity rate and plus size modeling trends are both on the rise?

No…plus sized fashion is obvious good business.

Deductive reasoning tells me that

it aint no coincidence

and that makes me scared.

I am scared because I fear that the root cause of obesity will be left unexposed and unsolved if obesity or plus sized beauty begins to be overtly glamorized and become part of big business bottom line goals.

Here is what will happen:

Big women will stop caring because while people like me and you are trying to solve and educate people about the issue of obesity and how to lose weight, the fashion media will be turning the obesity issue into a ” pretty”, money making thing and because they will make big women feel “pretty” plus sized fashion peddlers will get a lot support and as a result ideas about losing weight may start to be stifled.

A growth in plus sized acceptance will appeal to the ego of big women. Soon it will be very OK to be obese and then nobody aint gonna want to change.

Now don’t get me wrong…

I like seeing women like me being represented in the media because it promotes self pride.

Self pride, self esteem and self acceptance are needed ingredients in order for women to find happiness because If you don’t love yourself then you won’t care enough to do things to better yourself.

I am personally aware of all of that…

And yes we do need more positive imagery of plus sized women in the media but at the same time, I am afraid that eventually the positive imagery will transform into something corrupt and then the over glamorization of obesity will further keep people in the dark from the key issues at hand.

The key issues in obesity are far as I see…is this:

There too much low quality, junk foods made with unhealthy ingredients to be found in America.

Basically, America is an unsafe place to eat.

Our food is over laden with much corn syrup, fake additives, hydrogenated oils, and fiber less carbohydrates.

We are a nation filled with busy hard working people and yes we need easy access to food but fast foods can be made with wholesome ingredients.

The madness has to stop.

We need change because the foods now are disrupting the natural processes/wisdom of the body and they are interfering with the hormonal process designed to keep our weight in balance.

Furthermore poor people & black people are the ones suffering the most from our current food problem.

Lets put on our thinking caps.

Life is a struggle right, everybody have to fight hard to create their happiness and poor people will have to fight even harder to find happiness …isnt that true?

OK, So if this is true then poor people need help and at the very least the FDA whose job it is to “protect citizens from products that are inherently unsafe” should see to it that poor people have a fighting chance at making it in life by making sure that the food that are available to them will keep them healthy.

Good health is synonymous with a high quality of life. Good health & a good education gives poor people the best fighting chance to make it out of poverty.

Because you can be educated but if you are also emotionally disturbed then you still wont make it….so therefore good health is a basic human need in the process of trying to make a good life.

Obesity makes people unhealthy and it is a preventable health risk factor and it must be managed—the FDA is supposed to care about this issue because obesity rates especially in the Black community are through the roof and obesity can negatively affect all aspects of a persons life.

Obesity isn’t just a biological problem that affects individual physical health.

Obesity affects emotional health and it affects relationships too.

Obesity will affect self esteem. Obesity affects image of self. Obesity will affect the very make up of family dynamics.

If a poor women is obese and on top of that she cant get access to basic wholesome healthy foods to feed herself and family and on top of that she also has to deal with the stresses of being poor in America…what do you think her life and her children will be like?

Hell and Bebes kids right?

Bebes kids grow up to go on welfare, they sell drugs ,they get all effed up, they don’t run the world..Obama aint no Bebes kid.

So please don’t forget about the key issues at hand because now we fat girls get to show off and we can now get more play from men and stuff.

Lets stay focused. We want more black kids to have a fighting chance. And the way will do it is by spreading ideas that will help make sure the black moms know how to be healthy.

We cant forget everything because now its OK to be fat.

Don’t let mainstream media appeal to your vanity and turn you into an idiot. You already know how wicked they can be.

The mainstream media in America is organized by a greedy set of people.

They like to and know how to use emotional marketing and the glamorization of social ills in order to capitalize on people like me and you.

Next thing you know they will be saying, “Fat Is The New Black” and then they will create a reality show filled with big, loud mouth fat girls that know how to dress sexy so that the idea of “fat being the new black” takes root and then voila most everybody will forget the wicked & original causes of obesity, things will be left unchanged and disgusting foods like High fructose Corn syrup will still be on sale.

Cmon please don’t let this continue to happen.

Start caring and then take small action towards making this problem better…you can start by making poignant posts on your Facebook wall…what? I am I the only one that gives a f*ck?

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