I Think Black People Are Very Handicapped

You wanna know why I blog. I think its my job to put out ideas that will help Black people but the truth is that I do this Because I am mad. As hell.

I am not mad at the “system”…I am mad at my own friends and family and all Black people like them.

The people that I live around are very handicap.

They are a bunch of seemly talented people, full of potential but yet despite all the information out there, they just can’t seem to get it together.

He can play guitar but don’t want to got to lesson

She can cook her ass off, she wants to start a business but she is too lazy to make her own damn flyers after I gave her a computer.

So what the F*ck do you want to do?

All she wants to do is go to the club to find a new man, me use her and then complains men aint no good and wonders why she cant find happiness.


There is a whole bunch of bullshit that I have to deal with everyday and nobody seems to really care.
Black people seem to have to most problems.

WTF!!! Do something different then. Try something new. think differently. Fight harder. Stop thinking like your MOM.

Your MoM aint as smart as you. She had to raise you while living under a lot stress so you gotta Be progressive than her.

My friends and family cant seem to progress, they cant to achieve more than what their parents did.

And I know that a lot Black people are like that.

Sometimes I feel like I am the only one in my community that cares about anything. I care about my health and they don’t.

I care about getting more education and they don’t.

They only say that they do.

Oh…they got good talk and they talk a lot of bullshit but they don’t try really care because their actions don’t match.

And on top of that they eat a lot of processed fake foods that don’t help them to produce the hormones that they need to have a greater sense of well being.

So we all effed up.

That’s why I blog. I need people to hear me because I am in pain.

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