Fox News Strikes Again…& This Time They Want You To Buy Pee Pee In Order To Get Slim

I don’t care who get vex…Fox News is a right winged racist garbage news site that remains alive just to keep old racist white people and their dopey ass children comfortable with living in America. (I am not talkin about all white gosh…I am racist white people..damn)

The Archie Bunkers of the American nation need to have access to at least one highly concentrated form of racist media in order for them to feel happy but I don’t really give a fuck because God run things so if that’s what they need to prevent them from putting on hoods …I say let them have it .

Even though the people at Fox News are not my type of people, from time to time I do read what they have to say, especially when it comes to health related news.

The latest thing that caught my eye was an article entitled:

The HCG Diet May Help You Lose Weight

I read it because it was a topic that I already had planned to talk to you about but I didn’t think it was going to be anything good because from what I knew…HCG is basically a diet where you consume a hormone found in pregnant womans pee pee in order to lose weight so basically HCG is bullshit.

But ya know I read the article, Koco was the journalist and she hypnotized me with her words because immediately after I read what she said I wanted to go and buy the product.

She sounded so personable and genuine but then thanks to the comments left by readers I snapped out of my delusion and I came to realize that she might have been paid under the table to promote this shit ;).

To make HCG appealing she used the… ole, I was skeptical but now I believe angle… to promote the idea that buying HCG is something good.

In the article Koco also introduced the reader to a relatively new business called “Pounds and Inches Away” by providing a link to the site where you can make some sort of HCG purchase.

“Pounds and Inches Away” must of given her something because its weight loss store that focuses on selling only HCG products… how convenient Koco that they gotta link… You had a change of heart huh?

Yeah I know… the store is cute and it’s a cute idea to sell weight loss stuff in this way but please stop lying Koco … there is no magic hormone that is going to help you to lose tons of weight.

You might lose weight short term but after you stop eating freeze dried pee pee then what?

You go back to your old habits and you gain back all the weight.

The HCG diet is weird…you only get to eat 500 calories a day in real food and for the rest of the day you are taking HCG tablets and shit like dat.

That’s not good…you not supposed to sell your soul in order to lose weight and live a bizarre lifestyle in order to get slim…do you really hate yourself that much?

Try to figure out who you are because that is the blessing that being on a weight loss journey can give you and you when you know why you are who you are when it comes to eating food ..wouldnt that be wonderful?

That is happiness…for a overweight person…self understanding and power over food.
Kristie Alley aint happy.

She forced herself to lose weight quick and then she gained all that fat, back!

Yeah I know she was on a different diet plan but the same ideas were definitely at work…
A desperation to get slim and mindset that says ….I will sell my soul…I will drink pee if I can just once look good in a bath suit.

That’s all that counts huh?

I am tired of the media promoting this kind of shit to people but then again it’s the Archie Bunkers of the world who are reading it and taking it to heart so let dem gaawn…

Ah ha… ass holes..hate don’t pay.

Fox News …those bastards!

They almost got me all confused.

I give them credit because they are highly skilled in the art of psycho emotional manipulation but I was too clever for them…God was my shield and they weren’t able to get into my mind.

The comments that those people made saved my life and that’s why I love my blog readers.


Tell me what you think about HCG! and for your info…I used to love watching All In The Family, Archie Bunker was hilarious!

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