Eat Like A King For Breakfast & A Pauper At Night Is Proven To Be…Bullllll…..Shit!

I don’t know if you heard me say this before but I have always said this and I will say it again …you can’t listen to your Aunties and your family members when it comes to getting advice on how to lose weight because They don’t know what the hell they are talking about.

Instead you should listen to fat ladies like me because at least I read a lot of stuff about losing weight every day and I have a discerning way of micro analyzing information.

Here is an example of what I am talking about,

Have you ever heard this weight loss tip before?

Eat like King in the morning,
A Queen for lunch
and a Pauper at night if you want to lose weight?…

My aunt used to tell me this all the time but now lookie here……in black and white…new research is saying that King Breakfast eating technique just doesn’t work.

As per Web MD
Big Breakfast Could Blow Your Diet

Schusdziarra says in a news release that “the results of the study showed that people ate the same at lunch and dinner, regardless of what they had for breakfast.” This means that a big breakfast resulted in a total increase in calories eaten over the day by about 400 calories.

My auntie used to tell me this because the point was if I ate more in the morning then somehow I’ll feel satisfied for a longer period of time and then I’ll end up eating less in the day but sorry auntie because you were wrong.

I am not going to cut back on eating because I ate 2 eggs earlier or an extra slice of toast…instead I will wolf down ,u later meals just like I always do.

This may not seem like a big deal to you but it is because the way we think about food has everything to do with how we lose weight.

If you have a whole bunch of misinformation in your head then how can it be possible for you succeed?

Hence…You got to be very careful on what you tell yourself.

So please don’t tell yourself that eating a big breakfast is a good idea because most likely you will NOT eat less later on because you feel so full because after a while you will not eat less….like intended.

Now do You see how important it is to read and update your ideas about losing weight?!

The more I dig is the more I come to see that almost everything I thought I knew about losing weight is bullshit and now I have to conclude ….that…the reason why people fail at losing weight has to do with the fact that…..drum roll please…

We don’t know what the hell we are doing because we don;t have the right information and furthermore “they” dont want us to know the right information either.

American food Corps like when fat people are confused and they will spend millions in advertising and sponsored positive journalistic reviews to ensure that you remain confused.

How much evidence do you need to believe me?

Now do understand why I am so hardcore and why I say that you cant trust those short bastards?

You cant afford to trust propaganda machines that report on obesity like Fox News and You cant depend on mainstream media to teach you entire truth about losing weight because if you know too much then they might lose too much money.

So the bottom line to all of this is…just eat a normal sized breakfast and be mindful of the ideas you have about losing weight.

Find out is it logical or is it old biddy talk? which one is it?

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  1. your crazy says:

    your reading and believing something you heard on a Pakistan website. They believe in killing there young and are you forgetting Sept 11th. your crazy. i think the fats gone to your head.

  2. OK smarty pants here is the same info from a white American website….check out an article on Web MD that says the same thing…….you feel better now?

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