Everything you read, everything you listen to and everything you view @ are based on my reactions to information that I find about health.

My reactions are based on my personal opinions, my values and my beliefs.

The information found within this website is not intended to be your “be all and end all” when it comes to health ideas nor is it intended to replace the one on one relationship that you may have with a “qualified” healthcare provider.

And even though I am a licensed registered RN nurse, the information found within this site is not intended to be medical advice.

The intention of information found within this site is to simply spread ideas about health; the information that I write about are based on research findings/ news articles that I find online and offline and when I write, I do so with the intention of sharing my opinions about these findings with you.

I have strong opinions. I am a free thinker. I have common sense and I have a personal set of values and therefore everything that I say to you about health will reflect those “biases” in me.