Confessions of a wanna be health enthusiast..Today was ehh!

I am not trying to make excuses but sometimes the food prep process becomes a daunting task that I want to avoid.

Yes because eating healthy and fresh takes work and you must prepare.

Ok I went to the grocery store yesterday but did I do anything with all the marvelous veggies that I

instead my menu today was completely embarrassing.

I confess I started off on the wrong foot

Around 8am
I had a Go Thin Protein bar then I went to the gym…

Now …usually I do to the gym on an empty stomach and I got to the gym earlier but my bed was so sweet this morning that I could peel out in time

so I got up a lil later than my usual 640 something but alas I went to the gym…

I did my cardio I was not at my top speed power but I did it and I burned about 200 calories then after that I did my John Basedow 45 min fat burning workout…but the weight I used wasn’t challenging enough for me but I used it anyway.

12.5 lb and 7.5 lb dumbells seemed to easy for me to use…ok whatever

After that I went home and I had breakfast which was a quickie yet again.

I had 2 slices of Ezekiel toast with 2 tsps of coconut oil mixed with salt
I had about 2 ounces of aged cheddar cheese again..tisk tisk
and I ate the rest of that Fava bean crunchy snack that I like so much about a cups worth…

If you want to know…the Fava bean snack I m talking about are sort like cornuts but instead of corn its fava beans..yummy

ok then i dont know what time it was but I ate some dark chocolate…

The chocolate is a good brand umm its was Guylian no sugar added Belgian, bittersweet chocolate, dark, 54% cocoa.. the cocoa content is a lil low for preference but whatever..I liked it

then around 4pm
I ate a salad made with mixed spring greens, raisins, cherry tomatoes and Dole tropical fruit salad and I also used some nutritional yeast dressing.

The salad was alrite but nothing that yummy.

Then I went out side and around 730 I ate some corn-nuts..smh and a water smh this is where I messed up..because corn freaking is a no go…corn-nuts is not a respectable food in my mind but I ate it anyway and I dont like doing stuff like that..

Yes I have an excuse tho…ahh…

I was caught outside a few hours away from home and I felt that it was time to eat something…because I didn’t want to put my body in starve mode…so I grabbed what I grabbed what mentally seemed to be the best option in the local bodega but I m not happy about eating that because I know that this is where my lack of preparation messed me up …

then I aint finished yet

I came home and ate some baked chicken wings that I had in the fridge with some sugar free barbque sauce. I didnt eat the skin of the wings..I had 6 wings.

Tomorrow I don’t want to eat like this so I will wake up early to prep my food because I have to serve my God and my God wants me to eat orderly.

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