And my Saturday menu looked like

Umm this post is a day late…but nobody is reading this so who cares..

So I went to the gym yesterday manyana (imagine me smackin my lips) and…I did 20 mins cardio (neck twirl)and that caused me to burn 210 calories..yeah!

then i went home and the eating began…

around 9 ish

I had 2 slices Ezkiel bread toast

I had homemade tempeh and fava bean stew that was yummy

I had homemade blueberry jam about 1 TB and I also had about 1 tsp of homemade date spread..all mixed in 2 TB of coconut oil…yummy

and …I also had 1 slice of cantaloupe.

then around 1230…

I ate a bowl of mixed spring green which also included 2 slices of cantaloupe cut up on top of it and I consumed that with some homemade salad dressing made with nutritional yeast…

then around 330 pm I had a visitor..( Im going to purposely be mysterious about who this visitor was) and this “friend” brought food.

Jamaican food

so around 330 pm I had baked Jerk chicken (I didn’t eat the skin) steam cabbage with rice and peas (red beans).and I also drank some juice which I usually do not do but eh…I was celebrating with my friend so I indulged.

Side note: my juice consumption took place over several hours…and it was fin around 730 at last meal.

then at around 730

I ate a few spoonfuls of leftover Jamaican..I was gonna do a salad but I was too lazy to make one plus I had to was and set my hair.

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