A Little Reminder From KissyC About The Purpose Of Life While Living In America

I know that is easy to forget what life is really about because nobody seems to care about God anymore.

The church has let us down in many ways and we are also always bombarded with images that reflect negative aspects of life.

But the God living inside of you can overcome anything.

It can even overcome complete darkness and chaos; so you cant use the times that we live in as an excuse to give up on your ideals and I want to remind you that life is about striving for better, its about flourishing and trying to reach the max potential of who you are.

The pursuit of happiness is a basic human, civil and American right. You have to protect it and you must demand that the government protect it as well.

Transcendence into self actualization is what we all live for.

But if you don’t guard and protect that right to self actualize and be happy then other people will take your talents by watching you, then they will self actualize and then they will laugh at you because you lost what they got and then they will they will dehumanize you and call you ignorant and stupid because you haven’t reaped the benefits of self actualization.

Access to healthy foods is an important part of what you need to keep your dignity and social status. You need access to healthy foods to self actualize and Don’t let anybody fool you either because A nation is nothing if the women in it are not healthy, confident and sexy.

The foods you eat will play a big factor in your social status and ability to transform yourself from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

So the evidence is clear. Now we have reached a point in society where understand what we need to self actualize, it is our duty to fight for our right to get better and easier access to healthy foods.

Every generation has cross to bear.

We have the health “cross” and if we ignore our duty to protect the health cross then it will negatively affect the upcoming generation and then as a whole the nation of Black American people regardless of their values will lose more prestige and respect in the world.

All Black people look like Precious and they think they are so freakin cute with all this plus sized modeling..please..sit your fat ass down.

That’s what people will start to say and then After that phase in society, black people will start to dislike themselves even more.

In general don’t you notice that Black people always complain about the fact that “we are not together “ but I say that we are not together because we don’t have the basic things that we need to strive as individuals first.

If you don’t have what you need (like good food) so that you can develop a high sense self worth and self esteem for your personal life then you won’t care about organizing with other people of your skin color.

We don’t organize because there isn’t enough Black women out there with a high sense of self worth. Women of high self worth are industrious people and therefore they link up with their friends to achieve certain social goals because they don’t got nobody else they can use who they trust.

That’s how organization really starts. It starts from a high value of self worth many individuals in a community.

The Black American diet is very unhealthy and it is affecting our pride and self worth because it makes us look ugly.

But Black Americans are not unhealthy by personal choice, thats just propaganda, we got unhealthy because many of us come from a family that got is start in America living at the bottom of the socio economic ladder and because of that we had to grow up culturally living off of poor low quality and unhealthy foods.

Now we can do better and no we understand that These foods have negatively affected our mind, bodies and soul.

So what I am saying is that based on what we know now, we should start to demand that the government make sure that we and our children have access to healthy foods because unhealthiness is killing the Black nation.

But the thing is, the fact that we don’t have easy access to good healthy foods is a problem that nobody is going to care about unless we make it an issue to be cared about.

Remember back in the day when nobody really used to care about insulting gays. Now we respect gay and now we are very mindful about what we say about gay in public.right?

You why that is?

Because gay people cared enough to fight for what they believe in. They wanted dignity and self respect from their fellow man, they made it an issue, they fought for it and now they got it.

The tactics that the gay community used was alot of petitioning and letter writing.

That’s what we gotta start doing.We gotta spread ideas and take social action.

Nobody is going to care about that issue of Black American health except for us and we should not expect other people to care Because that is our job.

Caring about a health issue and using our energy to make government pay attention and respect our needs regarding our health issue by enacting laws, is the very definition of what it means to be an American and if you don’t do things like what I am suggesting to you now then you are not doing your part for the betterment of your society.. and if you don’t do your part then why should governmental agencies and other cultures respect you?

The entire purpose of life while living in America is to make sure that you compete to get what you and your family needs to live the best life.

That whole goal of life is becoming better and striving for the best.

So don’t be too mad at the FDA because it’s a natural thing for them to care about themselves more than they care about you.

You gotta care enough to fight for what you want, that is the life of being an American.

I love being an American, how bout you?

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